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Tips & Tricks - Executing Multiple Web UI Tests Simultaneously From RQM/ETM

Disclaimer: This scenario is not specifically tested as part of testing tools product development and thus is not officially supported, but we wanted to share that customers have been successful using these techniques. Note: This “tips and tricks” document assumes the audience has familiarity...

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Gitlab + IBM Rational Test

You might have heard and read about IBM and Gitlab's strategic decision to partner with each other. Find the link here . Check out more details here . These are very exciting times for us. What does this mean for IBM Rational Test? IBM Rational Test has many integration...

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ClearCase, ClearQuest 9.1.0 is out !

ClearCase/ClearQuest v9.1.0 is out ! ClearCase 9.1 provides a fully 64-bit product on Windows and continues to provide a full 64-bit product on Linux. ClearCase and the MultiVersion File System (MVFS) has supported 64-bit hardware for many years. Similarly, ClearQuest 9.1 now provides a...

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