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Using IBM® App Connect to interact with GitLab

GitLab is a DevOps platform that facilitates continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and deployment in a single application. GitLab enables portfolio planning and management through a single UI and simplified administration to organize and track the progress of projects within an...

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Gitlab CI with Rational Test Workbench

Video demonstrates how to Create Gitlab Project Install Gitlab Runner Create config file in RTW Trigger Gitlab pipeline Validate test results #gitlab #gitlabci #continuoustesting #rtas #rationaltest

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Gitlab CI CD with Rational Test

This video demonstrates how developers can use Rational Test in their Gitlab CI and get value #gitlab #rationaltest #rtas #gitlabci #continuoustesting

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Gitlab + IBM Rational Test

You might have heard and read about IBM and Gitlab's strategic decision to partner with each other. Find the link here . Check out more details here . These are very exciting times for us. What does this mean for IBM Rational Test? IBM Rational Test has many integration...

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Gitlab - RTAS Webhooks

This video shows us how to configure Gitlab webhooks to Rational Test Automation Server (RTAS). As a result, whenever test cases are updated in Gitlab, they're automatically reflected in RTAS. This ensures the latest set of tests are always picked up for a run #gitlab #rtas #rationaltest ...

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Rational Test + Gitlab

This video shows how RTAS works with Gitlab Rational Test + Gitlab #gitlab #rationaltest #rtas #automatedtesting #Testing #continuoustesting