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Top 4 Cloud Trends Tech Leaders Need to Know-Pt.3: Opportunities opened by the low latency of 5G at the edge

Need to get caught up on this series? Part 1 Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence , and Part 2: Evolving the foundation of cloud security . Opportunities opened by the low latency of 5G at the edge With 5G connectivity, Verizon’s Paritosh Bajpay tells us, the burden is on service...

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Next Generation IoT - Edge Computing

Next Generation IoT - Edge Computing Introduction IoT landscape is evolving rapidly and edge computing is becoming the next frontier where extensive innovation has taken place. Edge Computing is one of the core components of IoT. Organization from transportation, oil & gas,...

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15 Edge Devices, 0 Humans: Meet IBM's Mayflower Autonomous Ship

With no human captain or onboard crew, IBM has launched the Mayflower Autonomous Ship The.Mayflower Autonomous Ship uses the power of Edge computing, AI, and automation to traverse the ocean in its quest for data and discovery. The ship’s AI Captain performs a similar role to a human captain....

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Cloud News: IBM Cloud Now Intellect Design, IBM Edge Application Manager v4.1, and Watson Annotator

This week, we're covering: ( 00:18 ) 1. The partnership between Intellect Design and IBM's financial services-ready public cloud: ( 01:34 ) 2. IBM Edge Application Manager v4.1 ( 03:00 ) 3. IBM Watson Annotator for Clinical Data Subscribe to the IBM Cloud channel to be notified...