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MQ Uniform Cluster Scaling Example

MQ Uniform Cluster Scaling Example MQ Uniform Cluster, first introduced in V9.1.2 CD and rolled into 9.2 LTS enables capabilities to horizontally scale applications across a small set of similar horizontally scaled queue managers. Applications can be moved as necessary by the cluster to...

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Deep dive: Connecting to a Queue Manager running in OpenShift

Many clients have been running IBM MQ within RedHat OpenShift for several years, one of the most frequent questions when a client starts is how to connect to the IBM MQ Queue Manager running within RedHat OpenShift from outside of the Kubernetes environment. New users are often concerned that it...

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Connecting to a Queue Manager on Cloud Pak for Integration

Published on February 28, 2020 / Updated on April 11, 2020 In this article we will find out how you can connect to your Queue Manager that runs on Cloud Pak for Integration or directly on Openshift. You can connect to the Queue Manager running on Cloud Pak for Integration...

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Sending MQ Messages to one of many Queue Managers in App Connect Enterprise V11

Published on November 22, 2018 / Updated on November 27, 2018 The Scenario Imagine an environment containing many MQ Queue Managers, where you use these Queue Managers to provide High Availability of MQ. Queue names are duplicated across all of the Queue Managers, so a...