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Address incidents in real time

Unresolved incidents can lead to costly outages, impacting client experience and revenue. AIOps enables the IT department to predict or rapidly detect issues in near real time. As workloads shift to cloud environments, AI helps cope with new complexities proliferated by cloud-native...

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Use IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform for Cyber Incident Risk Assessment

Develop a dynamic playbook to assist your incident response team to automatically determine the risk with the NCCIC Cyber Incident Scoring System Cybercrime will generate over $1.5 trillion in profits in 2018, according to a new study presented by Dr. Michael McGuire at RSA, reaffirming...

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Orchestrated Response to Phishing Attacks with IBM Resilient

Phishing attacks account for one-third of security events, according to IBM data. With the Resilient Incident Response platform, your security analysts can quickly respond to, investigate, and stop phishing attacks. This video provides a demonstration of how Resilient orchestrates and automates...

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How to Utilize IBM Resilient to Manage Emergency Application Security Vulnerabilities

One of the most “thrilling” days of my career as an Application Security Specialist was the day that Heartbleed hit. Since Heartbleed was a zero-day vulnerability that affected so many systems at one time, I experienced a hectic day of writing PoC exploit scripts to verify which systems were...

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