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Quick Answer: How does an APIM Developer see latency times for specific Assembly Policies?

Quick Question: How does an APIM developer see latency times for specific assembly policies? As customers are delving into performance of their APIs, they often want to know how the overall transaction latency breaks down for the various assembly policies. The Question APIC...

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Quick Answer: Easiest way for an APIM Developer to get DP Logs

Quick Question: What is the easiest way for an APIM developer to get the DP logs from a test transaction? This question usually comes from DataPower developers who hit their first bug with APIC and want their tried-and-true access to DataPower logs to debug and fix their API. ...

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Quick Answer: v5 EOS vs. v5c EOS

Quick Question: I see that APIC v5 is EOS in 2022. Does that include v5c? I've now seen this question coming from more customers, so I'm adding a short blog post to clarify. The Question First understanding the question: General API Connect lifecycle is explained on ...

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What you need in GraphQL API Management (Walk a mile in GraphQL’s shoes)

Pop quiz : You’ve been using an API Management solution for a few years now with REST APIs and a few SOAP APIs. What’s the most important thing you need as you start adding GraphQL APIs into the mix? Answer : Consistency. You have many APIs today: you manage them in an API Manager...

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Webex on Security Hardening - How to lock down DataPower so that it is secure from hacking

Here are the WebEx Recording and the Presentation from the Webex on Security Hardening - How to lock down DataPower so that it is secure from hacking presentation. #security #DataPowerGateways

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