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Metadata Modeling Best Practice... is here now!

Looking for some best practice guidelines on how to model your metadata in Cognos Analytics Data Module? Then read on.... Metadata modeling has been a large part of using Cognos, all the way back from ReportNet through Cognos BI 8 and 10 and it's still fully integrated into Cognos Analytics 11....

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How to set up notification for an escalation failure

This topic describes how to set up notification for an escalation failure. Description You want to be notified when an escalation fails without looking through the log files. Solution When an escalation executes, an entry is made to the ESCSTATUS table. One of the attributes of each...

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Start Center Best Practices

Start Centers Use the following best practices for managing start centers: Maintain records in portlet tables. Determine what users are inactive and delete their start center records. If indexes are not present, put indexes on portlet tables. There should be an index on LAYOUTID for...

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Application Configuration Best Practices

This article details application configuration best practices. Simplifying existing applications Reposition or remove fields If you have small changes to out-of-the-box applications, you cant make the changes directly within the application. A best practice is not to remove entire...

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