Blogging Guidelines

Community Blogging Guidelines

The IBM TechXchange Community is a place for collaboration and story telling, a place where you are encouraged to share your insight and knowledge, interact with product developers and users, get your questions answered, and find other folks who share your interests

The community blogging feature provides you a great way to share your knowledge. Whether you want to tell an IBM story, publish a troubleshooting tutorial, or present any other content fit for a blog post. We are always looking for posts that will benefit fellow community members, and we'd love to hear from you!

When writing blog posts for publication on the Community site, please follow these guidelines:

  • We are looking for content that pioneers discussions on hot topics, shares best practices and tips, or tells your stories and case studies relating to IBM  products.
  • The use of English writing and grammar is required, as it is the universal language for this Community. If English is a secondary language, don’t worry! Please just try the best you can to express your ideas and your fellow Community members will no doubt appreciate your insights.
  • All content must be original.
  • We recommend a count of at least 350 words per article.
  • The Community is for knowledge sharing, not advertising.

  • Repurposing Content: We welcome contributors and understand you are sharing to multiple sites. We prefer your content be posted to the IBM Community first to support driving traffic and engagement but if that is not the case, here are our recommendations. 

    1. Customize content for each platform: While the core content of your blog post may remain the same, consider tailoring to match the tone of the IBM Community. i.e. update the intro paragraph, call out technical expertise.

    2. Schedule posts strategically: Plan your publishing schedule carefully to avoid posting duplicate content simultaneously. If possible, space out the publication dates on each platform to ensure maximum exposure without overwhelming your audience with repetitive content.

    3. Share teaser content: When publishing on one platform, create teaser content for the other platform to generate interest and drive traffic. This could involve sharing a summary or an enticing excerpt, along with a link directing readers to the full blog post on the other platform. A discussion post is a great way to share content on multiple sites or on the community. 

Be sure to adhere to the above criteria when creating a blog post, and you'll be pleased by the results!