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IBM Cloud Partner Accelerator Newsletter: 09.08.20 

9 days ago

September 8, 2020

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Quote of the Week

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” - Thomas Edison

Events & Enablement

1. Our Cloud Accelerator Launch Pad is here!

This self-paced tool is a great way to get a jump start on your journey as a successful IBM Cloud Business Partner. The Launch Pad helps you:

  • Speed your go to market and shrink time to revenue
  • Grow your business through customer acquisition
  • Engage the IBM tools, resources and subject matter experts to develop a go to market plan, tailored to your specific business needs
Access the Launch Pad here

2. Partner Town Hall: Managing COVID Complexity in IT

Please join us in this discussion on the impact COVID-19 has had on IT. From budget and staff cuts, to workers going remote, to adoption of Cloud, we will discuss the changing environment and keys to traversing it successfully.

TimeThursday, Sep. 17 at 2:00 pm ET 
Location: Webex

3. Engage Go To Market Workshop
The next ENGAGE! Go to Market Workshop is coming up next week, September 15-17, 11:00 am - 1:30 pm EDT each day. This split schedule will enable you to stay focused while leaving plenty of time to work on your go to market plan, address work needs, and/or attend to any other matters.
This workshop features our special keynote speaker, Catherine Salazzo, VP, Ecosystem Performance Marketing, IBM. Catherine will be calling on her extensive global marketing expertise to share insights on successfully crafting brands and developing media relationships to drive customer engagement.
If you haven't been to one yet, make sure to get to this one! If you've already been to one, join us for this one and Catherine's keynote!

4. Want to Make Money with IBM Cloud?
Introducing "Learn and Earn!”, an E-course created with specific content to enable you to co-sell/sell IBM Cloud Offerings. The course features a mix of self-paced learning and live delivery on several topics including IBM Cloud's VMware, Power, Cloud Native (Red Hat OpenShift, ROKS), and much more.
Access the course here.

5. Earn a Competency moving VMware workloads to Cloud
Leverage automation with VMware and IBM Cloud and expedite results for your clients
Get started

IBM in the News

Heres how IBM plans to make the oil and gas industry smarter
IBM is partnering with oilfield services behemoth  Schlumberger to provide a digital platform where oil and gas companies can access real time data and software that will help them make efficient and cost-saving decisions. This partnership leverages IBM's hybrid cloud platform, and allows Schlumberger's software to be available to any other oil and gas company, giving IBM the chance to provide services to other big players in the oil and gas industry. As Ted Schadler, an analyst with Forrester, says in the article, "Big companies have lots of different technologies they want to run in the cloud, but they don't want to run it all in one cloud...You need a way to bridge across all those clouds." IBM has the solution for that. 
Link to full article: CNN

IBM Watson Health, OrbitalRX launches solution to combat U.S. drug shortage
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rising global drug shortage crisis. In response to this shortage, IBM has teamed up with OrbitalRX, a shortage management company, to find a way to combat this crisis with a new solution. IBM will use its Micromedex platform, the largest online reference database for medication information, and combine it with OrbitalRX's proprietary platform to quickly analyze the supply chain and identify clinical alternatives for drugs that are in short supply, thus helping healthcare providers and pharmacists to proactively manage drug shortages and ensure patient safety. 
Link to full article: HITConsultant

IBM's customers show us why it's important to build a quantum computing strategy today
There are certain problems that simply cannot be solved with a classical computer. This is often the case because classical computing takes too long or doesn't have the capacity to solve a computational problem. Therefore, IBM has focused on improving upon quantum computing to help remove these limitations. Recently, IBM has shown amazing advancement in this field. By combining new software and hardware techniques, IBM has been able to upgrade one of its 27-quibit client-deployed systems and achieved a Quantum Volume of 64, doubling its previous quantum computing power. Now, IBM is looking to help other companies leverage quantum computing to its full potential, such as with Exxon, seeking to improve predictive environmental modeling with quantum computing and with JPMorgan Chase, looking further into applying quantum computing to financial modeling and risk managment. 
Link to full article: Forbes

Program Information

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Partner Accelerator Contacts

Jeff Ballard: Market Development Lead, IBM Cloud
Khalil Ulmer: Market Development and Cloud Sales
Astrid Garay: Alliances & Strategic Partnerships


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