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Cloud native applications? Which are the best ones, Any suggestions?

  • 1.  Cloud native applications? Which are the best ones, Any suggestions?

    Posted 23 days ago

    The way applications are designed has changed dramatically with flexible infrastructure and the wide range of tools available in public clouds. Cloud-native applications leverage this ecosystem of resources to build flexible solutions and respond to business pressure.

    The cloud concept has transcended the initial concept of infrastructure and platform as services (IaaS and PaaS respectively: For example - azure gaming and many more) to become a concept in which companies can manage these tools immediately and flexibly thanks to their liquefaction through programming.

    This trigger has allowed designing a new generation of applications that are born with strong technical requirements (elastic scalability, incorporation of new technologies, real-time response, observability) and business (fast delivery times, ease of pivoting).

    Cloud native applications squeeze these capabilities and allow us to design solutions quickly and resistant to time with microservice-oriented architectures and taking advantage of the specialization of each PaaS tool.

    We can design the applications with two different strategies:

    • Dependent on the cloud. These solutions take advantage of the manufacturer's specific tools which initially provides us with a lot of speed but generates a strong dependence on these parts that in many cases are not standard.
    • Independent of the cloud. These solutions are mainly supported by open source software that gives us flexibility and independence giving us the possibility of building multi-cloud and hybrid solutions.

    The development of native applications in the cloud allows them to be built as an ecosystem of functional components (microservices) that interact to solve tasks. This design model allows each component to have independent life cycles, adjust to demand and facilitate its maintenance. However, the price of this flexibility implies a greater effort in the control and governance of architecture.

    Parvinder singh Software Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Cloud native applications? Which are the best ones, Any suggestions?

    Posted 22 days ago
    Are you collecting a list of cloud apps?
    What is your motivation to ask that question?

    Matthias Jungbauer