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IBM Cloud Internet Services - Website Traffic

By Tommy Gerald posted 24 days ago


Business professionals around the world are always worried about how to promote their brand online. You might have implemented several strategies till now; however, you might be still waiting for the desired results. Other than this, online businesses face the threat of cybercrime which can hamper the reputation of their business in the long run.

As a business owner, when you are making efforts to increase traffic on your website, a Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is likely to pose stress on your work. It is more like a traffic jam, stopping the movement on the highway, preventing the traffic to reach a specific destination.

When we talk in terms of business, a DDoS attack is more like a malicious attempt that affects the flow of normal traffic to the server, network, or service. The attackers make use of several compromised computers to execute huge harm to the target business. In order to prevent this issue, the professionals at IBM have designed Cloud Internet Services to assist growing business professionals around the world. Once you subscribe to these services, you can avail of advanced DDoS protection along with a suite of reliability, security, and performance capabilities for your business. This package is designed specifically to protect public-facing content on the website and mobile applications before it reaches the cloud platform. Those who are interested to know more about these services are advised to go through the article below.

What do you need to know about IBM Cloud Internet Services?

IBM Cloud Internet Services

IBM Cloud Internet Service is more like a fully integrated, one-stop solution for network performance and security capabilities for the cloud infrastructure. These services are specially optimized to ensure optimized performance of websites and applications.

No matter what type of business you are running online, you may need an engaging website platform to serve potential visitors. Many eCommerce business owners or product sellers may also need a mobile application to stay connected to the buyers on the go. The IBM Cloud Internet Services can help you to manage all these platforms with ease while eliminating the need for third-party vendors.

Benefits of IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS):

In order to maximize your business outcomes, you may need to deliver a secure, fast, and mobile-optimized experience to the end consumers. As the business industry is experiencing huge competition these days, it is good to use the most reliable solution to maintain a great reputation online. In the view of rising threats in the cyber community and to ensure quality services to the consumers, IBM decided to integrate the Cloudflare capabilities to deliver IBM Cloud Internet Services. With this, all the clients at the IBM platform could experience a truly unique and exclusive range of services and capabilities.

This CIS package provides an extended range of services including DDoS protection, DNS, Global Load Balancing, with geo steering, TLS/SSL Certificates, coaching with Page Rules, and Web Application Firewall. The new software solution provides:

  • Advanced on/off WAF configuration.
  • Improved metrics for monitoring that leads to greater insights.
  • A simple pricing model that requires a payment of $275 per month for every domain.
  • You can avail free 30 days trial of this package for one domain. This option may assist users to explore all the superior features of the standard plan.

There is no doubt to say that IBM has been a leader in the privacy and security sector. They have designed many trusted industry and global certifications over the years. By considering the ongoing threats and the risks of cyberattacks, DDoS attacks, data thefts, and malicious bot abuse, they have developed advanced solutions to protect internet-facing applications with leading capabilities. While using ICS standards, you may never have to sacrifice website performance for security.

The Cloud Internet Services have applications in several industry-specific areas; a few of them are listed below:

  • The prime target of ICS is the eCommerce sector as it includes businesses with high traffic characteristics. They are required to ensure great performance online to enjoy better revenue streams. CIS is capable enough to deliver dynamic and static content to a mobile end and web end customers while ensuring rapid response times.
  • CIS is also serving the public sector with the ability to protect confidential records from cybersecurity risks. It ensures that essential information can be delivered to the citizens on time, without worrying about data losses.
  • In the healthcare sector, CIS helps to enhance website performance while reducing the cost of handling traffic peaks. It makes the network work efficiently while utilizing the available bandwidth adequately.
  • Another application area for CIS is the high-performance infrastructure of the banking and finance sector. It may help consumers and analysts to ensure enhanced protection against cyberattacks.

Now you have gone through the benefits of utilizing IBM Cloud Internet Services for the growth of your business. It is the right time to contact experienced professionals to achieve enhanced website traffic to achieve top ranking in the competitive market.