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Cloud Appreciation Office Hours are now open

By Stephanie Wing posted Thu August 13, 2020 02:44 PM


It's no accident we put 'Appreciation' in the name. These new office hours are a way for us to show our appreciation for you as part of the IBM Cloud® family. Even more, they are meant to highlight our appreciation of your investment, your journey with IBM Cloud and the questions you have along the way.

That's why IBM Cloud Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are now offering bi-weekly Appreciation Office Hours. As you may know, CSMs are experts assigned to help clients with onboarding, building plans and successfully executing those plans with IBM Cloud. The office hours are live, dedicated sessions exclusively for our IBM Cloud clients to get more time with these experts.

Who should attend office hours?

These office hours are open to all IBM Cloud clients. It's a set time every two weeks to get easy access and direct attention from CSMs. Whatever your question, whatever your reason for coming, our new office hours are designed for any client who wants answers in real time.

What will be covered?

All client questions are welcome at every session. In addition, each session will have a theme that the CSMs will use to provide their top tips and resources. These themes, chosen based on frequently asked questions, include:

Storage and Backup

19 August 2020

Are you looking to make the most of your storage, or improve your backup processes? Andy Sim and Brandon Johnson will share their top storage and backup tips as well as answer your IBM Cloud account questions.

Access Management and Admin

2 September 2020

Complications with access management and administrative processes can put your stress level into overdrive. Join Turquoise Isaac and Jonathan Sampson as they share ways to simplify your access management and administrative processes.


16 September 2020

Security is more than a buzzword; it's the name of the game for many tech customers today. CSMs Turquoise Isaac and Andy Sim will be on hand to answer your questions and share their top tips for making your account more secure.

Cost Savings

30 September 2020

Who doesn't like to save money?! In addition to answering your account questions, Brandon Johnson and Jonathan Sampson will share their top tips on reducing costs.



Learn some great tips to simplify your billing. We've already had our first Billing session, but Jeanette Thomas and Bryan Suhy plan to host another soon. Stay tuned!

You deserve the best in support, and we hope these new office hours will help you make the most out of your IBM Cloud account. Please register to join us at our next session… and don't forget to bring those questions!

Can’t wait for the next session? Ask your questions now using the 24/7 chat feature.

Have general questions about the Appreciation Office Hours? Please email Emily Hagopian.

Meet our speakers

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