Tutorial: Connect cloud-native applications with MongoDB

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Tutorial: Connect cloud-native applications with MongoDB 

Mon February 20, 2023 11:58 AM

Learn to connect applications written in different programming languages to a MongoDB instance running on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power

By Jasmine, Sivaram Naidu, Deepak Yadav, Krishna Harsha, Mithun H R
Published April 4, 2022


MongoDB is one of the most widely used NoSQL databases with data stored in the form of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents. Amidst application and infrastructure modernization, most of the new-age workloads run on the cloud. Helm charts make it easy to deploy the applications and the components on the cloud. A helm chart is used to define, install, and upgrade the most complex Kubernetes applications. A helm package structures the Kubernetes application components in such a way that it is easy to install, update, and maintain complex applications.

The tutorial describes some of the basic steps involved in connecting an application (written in programming languages such as Python, Java and Node.js) to the MongoDB database running on Red Hat Openshift on IBM Power. MongoDB is deployed using helm chart.

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