Webinar: Enterprise CI/CD on-prem or in the cloud with Travis CI

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When:  Jan 10, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


If you develop software, it's highly probable that you utilize some type of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) system. This is particularly crucial when developing proprietary software, as it's essential to have tools that integrate with your specific platform while safeguarding your unique code. Open source developers often turn to platforms like GitHub for managing their source code and Travis CI for building and scanning software. However, did you know that Travis CI's capabilities extend far beyond what you may be aware of? Not only can Travis CI build on various architectures, such as Power (ppc64le) and IBM Z (s390x),  but it can also operate both on-premises (as it is currently used within IBM for building products and projects) and securely in the cloud.

Join Gerrit Huizenga, IBM Power Open Source Ecosystem Team Lead, and Montana Mendy, Travis CI Solution Architect, as they provide insights into the key features of Travis CI, including its Enterprise capabilities. This includes the use of familiar technologies, such as Red Hat Quay, IBM Power, IBM Z, and more within a Travis CI CI/CD pipeline. They’ll also share their experiences working with the Power Open Source Ecosystem team at IBM, highlighting how they not only utilize, but also maintain Travis CI's internal infrastructure on Power systems.

  • Overview of CI/CD
  • General Travis features and capabilities
  • Cloud-based solutions for enterprises
  • Secure Supply Chain
  • Machine Learning and AI around CI

Key speakers

Gerrit Huizenga - STSM, IBM Linux on Power Ecosystem Lead, IBM

Montana Mendy - Solutions Engineer, Travis CI