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XL Fortran Linker Error 0711-583 EVERE ERROR: Symbol ... (entry ...) in object ....o:

  • 1.  XL Fortran Linker Error 0711-583 EVERE ERROR: Symbol ... (entry ...) in object ....o:

    Posted Tue September 05, 2023 12:39 PM

    Good day,

    We have a legacy fortran program running with XL Fortran 15.1.3, AIX 7.2 on a Power 8 with 32gb.

    When ported to a Power 9, Open Fortran 17.1.1, AIX 7.3, with 32gb the following linker error is produced :

                    ld: 0711-583 SEVERE ERROR: Symbol ifrs5d (entry 489) in object maria.o:

    Ld flags are

                    LDFLAGS= -b64 -bbigtls -bbigtoc -L. -lmaria -lave

    The symbol is a COMMON

    829|      common /ifrs5d/xbel,xra,xbela,xt0ru,xt0rp,xt0pad,xpdlp,xpdqx,

    830|     $        xpdex,xpdin,xchgra,xrneg,xrcvd,xvolt,xpolt

    All the variable with the common a defined the same as this one

    814|      double precision xbel(9,5,KLEMAX,0:KLEMAX,NMAXP)

    Where KLEMAX, and NMAXP are both defined as 100.

    If we lower the value of KLEMAX to 10, compile is successfull.

    The limits are mostly unlimited :

    eowyn:~> ulimit -a

    address space limit (Kibytes)  (-M)  unlimited

    core file size (blocks)        (-c)  unlimited

    cpu time (seconds)             (-t)  unlimited

    data size (Kibytes)            (-d)  unlimited

    file size (blocks)             (-f)  unlimited

    locks                          (-x)  not supported

    locked address space (Kibytes) (-l)  not supported

    message queue size (Kibytes)   (-q)  not supported

    nice                           (-e)  not supported

    nofile                         (-n)  unlimited

    nproc                          (-u)  unlimited

    pipe buffer size (bytes)       (-p)  32768

    max memory size (Kibytes)      (-m)  unlimited

    rtprio                         (-r)  not supported

    socket buffer size (bytes)     (-b)  32768

    sigpend                        (-i)  32

    stack size (Kibytes)           (-s)  unlimited

    swap size (Kibytes)            (-w)  not supported

    threads                        (-T)  not supported

    process size (Kibytes)         (-v)  unlimited

    After much searching, I cannot find reference to the link error.

    Is there anyone who could shed some light on this.

    Thanks in advance


    Robert Gervais