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Connect with subject matter experts and peers to get answers to your questions about developing and deploying containerized apps on IBM Power. Also, share your ideas, experiences, best practices, and lessons learned with other Power open source developers.

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  • Thanks, @Michael Neuling , @Liam Allan indeed can help and has been helping :) ​​​Again, I was sorta looking for user experience if there's any out there within the sound of my keyboard here in IBM Community! ------------------------------ Jack Woehr ...

  • @Liam Allan May also be able to help with IBM i Merlin​. ------------------------------ Michael Neuling ------------------------------

  • Jack, Tim Rowe, is one of the leaders on Merlin, you can reach out to him to see what he has been hearing. Bruce ------------------------------ Bruce Anthony Distinguished Engineer and CTO OpenShift and Hybrid Cloud for IBM Power IBM ...

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  • This article continues to automate the container certification procedure using the different CI tools. In this tutorial, we will leverage GitHub Actions to automate the Red Hat Container certification tests on the ppc64le architecture. Prerequisites: ...

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  • Several years ago, the IBM Power open source ecosystem team developed a search engine called Open Source Power Availability Tool (OSPAT). The purpose of OSPAT was, and still is, to address a pain point that many developers, sellers, business partners, ...

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