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OpenTofu is available for ppc64le!

By MICK TARSEL posted Tue March 05, 2024 01:33 PM


You can download the latest version of OpenTofu for ppc64le here. A pull request for a documentation update has now merged. View the official OpenTofu documentation here.

Thank you very much Chongshi Zhang for using OpenTofu to deploy OpenShift!

Oregon State University Open Source Lab ppc64le Mirror

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSU OSL) provides Power servers to develop and test open source projects on the Power Architecture platform. OSU OSL provides ppc64le VMs and bare metal machines as well as CI. Read more about their Power services here.

Using OpenTofu to Deploy OpenShift for ppc64le

Written by Chongshi Zhang and edited by Mick Tarsel

OpenTofu is supported on Power and can be used to deploy OpenShift on Power Systems. 

Please note that OpenTofu uses a different root directory for providers:

Here are the steps to do it:

Download OpenTofu

The executable of OpenTofu for Power can be download from this site and store it under /usr/local/bin:


cp opentofu-1.6.1 /usr/local/bin/opentofu

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/opentofu

Download the providers for OpenTofu

The providers built for Power are used to deploy OpenShift. These providers can be found in this Github repo. Store the providers at /usr/local/tf-providers

mkdir -p /usr/local/tf-providers

cd /usr/local/tf-providers


unzip -o


Download the playbook to deploy Openshift for PowerVC

The playbook to deploy OpenShift for PowerVC uses Terraform providers to create infrastructure required to deploy OpenShift in the PowerVC environment. It can be found here.


unzip -o

cd ocp4-upi-powervm-main

cp var.tfvars myvar.tfvars

Open myvar.tfvars to modify it based on your PowerVC environment.

Deploy OpenShift with OpenTofu

There are two steps to run OpenTofu: Initialize the OpenTofu environment and then apply the changes.

opentofu init -plugin-dir /usr/local/tf-providers

opentofu apply -var-file=myvar.tfvars

Or we can run plan to test the playbook first, if no error then we can run apply:

opentofu plan -var-file=myvar.tfvars


That’s it!