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IBM Storage Fusion available now for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power

By Matthew Kelm posted Mon September 11, 2023 08:15 AM


IBM Storage Fusion version 2.6.1, available now, delivers storage and data services for Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power.

Fusion integrates essential data services into a single solution delivered as THE container-native storage and data services solution from IBM for Red Hat OpenShift anywhere.

Leverage the market leader in persistence on OpenShift with Fusion Data Foundation and the performance pace setter, Global Data Platform (Storage Scale), through a single integrated container-native solution from IBM: IBM Storage Fusion.

From Platform Engineers to Architects and Developers … Everybody wins!

Fusion removes friction by providing the widest range of storage flexibility while simplifying through Kubernetes operator deployment, common APIs, robust ‘as code’ approach, and native OpenShift experience, enabling full self-service.

Platform Engineers can confidently meet the broad set of requirements from Developers under pressure to innovate faster with data at the core of mission critical applications.

Satisfy the RWO, RWX and Object storage requirements of any application with the industry’s most complete and dominant storage and data services solution IBM Storage Fusion, running on the industry’s leading Kubernetes distribution—Red Hat OpenShift, on your strategic IBM Power platform.

While innovation and velocity are always app modernization goals, these will not matter if pursued without consideration for resilience and security at scale.

Fusion data services tackle the difficult challenges of resilience with the advanced security and disaster recovery capabilities required for mission critical applications.

Fusion v2.6.1 on Power

In the 2.6.1 Fusion software release, components supported on Power include:

  • Fusion Data Foundation - block, shared/distributed file, local and multi-cloud object storage
  • Global Data Platform – access data from a central Storage Scale cluster
  • Data Catalog – manage unstructured data

In addition, we are actively building and testing the remaining service, Fusion Backup, to be available on Power in an upcoming release. STAY TUNED!

Red Hat OpenShift version 4.12 and 4.13 are the supported releases with Fusion version 2.6.1.

Red Hat OpenShift is the platform to meet the hybrid reality of organizations, and Fusion is the clear choice for application data services as part of this platform.

Learn more about the matrix of supported platforms including IBM Power.

Install IBM Storage Fusion with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power.

IBM Storage Fusion and Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

Same great code, backed by the open-source community, delivered through multiple channels and consumption models.

Product development is done by a single team following the transition of the Red Hat Data Foundation and Ceph teams into IBM Storage.

Red Hat clients can continue to get access through the Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Essentials and Advanced offerings.

From IBM, Fusion Data Foundation is delivered as a component of IBM Storage Fusion. Fusion contains the equivalent capabilities to Red Hat ODF Advanced. In addition, Fusion contains data services such as Global Data Platform (Storage Scale), Backup and Data Catalog.

As existing Clients adopt additional data services and choose to move from, for example ODF Essentials to Fusion, there is a one-time set of steps to move to Fusion during upgrade.

What’s next?

The highly anticipated, Fusion Backup service is planned for availability on Power in an upcoming release.

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Get started today by deploying a free 60-day trial of IBM Storage Fusion on IBM Power.

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