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Early success migrating from Microsoft Azure to IBM Power Virtual Server with .NET 7

By Jenna Murillo posted 22 days ago


Last week it was announced that .NET is now supported on the IBM Power platform. In securing the final piece to the Power puzzle, the top five programming languages for microservices application development are supported on ppc64le.

In light of the exciting news, Power clients have already begun testing their existing .NET application on Power. In porting and testing existing .NET applications on IBM Power, there have been some successes worth sharing. Check out the success story to learn how SKM Informatik successfully migrated its web service to IBM Power Virtual Server with .NET 7 and Red Hat OpenShift: 

Now presented with the opportunity to consolidate existing Windows (x86_64) .NET apps, we anticipate SKM Informatik to be the first of many demonstrations of a seamless migration process.

For more insight regarding .NET support for Linux on Power, refer to Janani Janakiraman’s technical blog:

Stay tuned as IBM continues its effort to provide .NET 7 container support to Power clients worldwide. .NET on Power has been selected as the topic of discussion for the next PDeX AMA Webinar in January, so check back for more details.