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Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 Now Available on IBM Power

By Brandon Pederson posted Wed November 08, 2023 11:42 AM


IBM® is very excited to announce that Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 has been released and is available to run natively on IBM Power.

This release provides support for:

Multi-Architecture Compute

With Red Hat OpenShift 4.14, Multi-Architecture Compute comes to IBM Power and IBM Z platforms. Multi-Architecture Compute provides a single heterogeneous cluster, enabling fit-for-purpose computing, so that customers can align tasks and applications to CPU strengths and software availability rather than to one architecture. This also helps reduce the cost and complexity of solutions that require multiple architectures. 

Single Node Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 provides support for single node OpenShift, which offers both control plane and worker node capabilities in a single server while maintaining a consistent experience across the Red Hat OpenShift environment regardless of deployment size. For many small to midsize clients, the minimum configuration for Red Hat OpenShift on three nodes was much higher than what was required. This is especially true for many IBM i clients looking to deploy IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration(commonly referred to as “Merlin”), a set of DevOps tools that run on Red Hat OpenShift and guide software developers in building and deploying next-generation applications. IBM i clients can now deploy a Red Hat OpenShift configuration that is right sized for them to implement Merlin with single node OpenShift.

Advanced Cluster Security 

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes is a Kubernetes-native security platform that helps protect containerized workloads across any Kubernetes environment, including IBM Power. It integrates with DevOps and security tools to help mitigate threats and enforces security policies to help minimize operational risks within containerized environments. Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 provides native support for Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes on IBM Power.


We look forward to working with customers and Business Partners to make their modernization objectives a reality with Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 on IBM Power and take advantage of the new capabilities included in this release. Ready to get started today? Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 clusters are available here and refer to the documentation here for more details. Learn more about how to modernize with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power here.

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