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RED HAT PRODUCTS: December 2022 Releases

By Amitkumar Ghatwal posted Thu January 26, 2023 09:28 AM


The IBM Power Ecosystem team has collaborated with the Red Hat team over the last 3 years to enable and advance Red Hat products on the Power platform. This is our first of a new monthly series highlighting updates to the Red Hat products. December was a busy month with 19 product releases!


Release date


3scale 2.13

1, Dec 2022

3scale API management deployment on OpenShift with FIPS mode enabled is supported.

Dev Spaces 3.3

12, Dec 2022

Microsoft Visual Studio Code – Open Source is the default editor for the 3.3.0 release. While Theia is still available as an alternative to DS 3.3.0, it will soon deprecate.

Serverless 1.26.0

12, Dec 2022

OpenShift Serverless Functions with Quarkus is now supported, Serverless now uses Knative Serving and eventing versions 1.5.

GitOps 1.7.0

14, Dec 2022

Support to add environment variables to the Notifications controller.

Odo 3.4.0

15, Dec 2022

Support for parsing multiple k8s definition in a single Devfile K8s component.


AMQ-B (ActiveMQ Broker) 7.8.7

12, Dec 2022

Fixed CVE krb5.


AMQ-B 7.10.2 OPR-1 CR7


8, Dec 2022

Fixed CVE krb5, expat, libksba and defects.


EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) 7.4.8 CR2 (11/17)

12, Dec 2022

Fixed krb5 + version update containing bug/security fixes.


EAP 8.0.0.Beta CR1


15, Dec 2022

version update containing bug/security fixes

EAP XP (Enterprise Application Platform Expansion Pack) XP4-7.4.8

12, Dec 2022

Fixed krb5 + version update containing bug/security fixes.


 EAP Operator 2.3.8

7, Dec 2022

Fixed krb5

 JWS (Jboss Web Server) 5.7.1 CR2

12, Dec 2022

Fixed CVE krb5, libksba and defects

 JWS Operator 2.0.4


Fixed CVE kbr5

RHBQ (Quarkus) 2.13

14, Dec 2022

Version update containing bug/security fixes.

RHDG (Red Hat Datagrid) 8.4.0 GA4

15, Dec 2022

Fixed CVE krb5

RHDG Operator 8.4.0 GA4

15, Dec 2022

Fixed CVE krb5

RHSSO (Redhat Single Sign-on) 7.6.1

15, Dec 2022

Includes EAP 8 client

RHSSO Operator

(Init+ Bundle) 7.6.1

5, Dec 2022

Fixed CVE (libksba + krb5)

Springboot 2.7.12

7, Dec 2022

 Bug fixes, documentation improvements, and dependency upgrades.

Vert.x 4.3.4

14, Dec 2022

Fixed issues mentioned in 4.3.4 Release Notes · vert-x3/wiki Wiki (