SAP on Linux and IBM Storage Guides (incl. HANA) 

Tue November 24, 2020 12:05 PM

Linux on IBM Power Server took off with the availability of SAP HANA on Power in 2015 but is not limited to just HANA.
This library entry summarizes core technical documentation as well as interesting links and further reading based on categories.

  • SAP HANA Planning Guide
    If you look for an introduction and an overview on what is supported today this is the perfect starting point
  • SAP HANA Operation Guides
    Many questions come up in special when operating a NUMA aware database like SAP HANA. This documentation gives you all the guidance you need on how to use move SAP HANA and other SAP Instances using LPM and more.
  • SAP HANA Migration Guides
    These guides support you when you plan to Migrate from HANA 1 to HANA 2 or from Intel to Power.
  • SAP HANA Business Resiliency
    These Guides cover Business Resiliency aspects such as HA, DR and Backups for on Premise only scenarios.
  • SAP HANA Startup Acceleration
    IBM offers a menu how you can speed up SAP HANA startups from 3x to 18x since 2016. You will find an overview as well as deep dives of the different options. Also links to a gitHub repository to automate tmp-fs deployments in conjunction with LPM (Live Partition Mobility) is provided.
  • SAP HANA Hybrid Cloud Documentation
    This is a new chapter in our documentation helping clients to operate on top of an PowerVS IaaS deployment SAP applications.
  • SAP on Power Linux Network and Fibre Channel Guides
    Although most is written from a HANA perspective it applies in the same way to Application Servers. For each technology you find comparisons and setup instructions.
  • IBM Storage Guides for SAP
    IBM Storage and IBM Power build a unique combination when it comes to integrate Storage, Server and SAP applications. Find core documentation published by IBM Storage summarized in this location.


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