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uiServer and uiAgent Configuration

  • 1.  uiServer and uiAgent Configuration

    Posted Thu November 19, 2020 04:49 PM

    Installing and Configuring PowerSC Server and Agent

    The uiServer gives you the opportunity to manage your endpoints ( Agents ) from one location.

    There are 3 main filesets that are needed

    Endpoint ( uiAgent):   pscxpert and pscuiAgent

    Server: pscuiServer

    Utilize "smitty install_all"  for menu options


    Now what?

    One must give a user group both login authority and Administrator authority ; one must also add the system(s) to the the group list is that allowed to have access to that system.

    For example you would like to grant users in the administrator group both access to the system and administrator access :  administrator_group

    pscuiserverctl set administratorGroupList administrator_group

    pscuiserverctl set logonGroupList administrator_group


    Now set the group to have access to the particular systems ( the '*' allows all systems)

    pscuiserverctl setgroup administrator_group "*"

    Martha Rodriguez