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  • 1.  Shared Ethernet Adapter Failover configuration in dual VIOS setup

    Posted Mon March 01, 2021 10:22 PM
    I recently ran into a situation where I'm not entirely sure I understand 100% if I'm correct.  It is a configuration of a system with two VIOS servers in failover mode, with LPARs on three different VLANs contained in the server.  I have several questions:

    1. When creating a Shared Ethernet Adapter in a two VIOS failover setup, the mkvdev can also specify an IP address attribute (-attr netaddr=x.x.x.x) which is then associated with the SEA being configured. 
      1. Is this required?
      2. Is this for exclusive use of the control channel to ping the other VIOS to check on its availability? Or can it also be used for external administration/management communications?
      3. If used exclusively for the control channel, do I create another virtual adapter that connects to the SEA and give that adapter its own IP address?
      4. If external admin/mgmt is on its own VLAN (12 for example), is it enough to just do "mkvdev -vlan SEAentX -tagid 12", give it a different IP address and expect external hosts to be able to communicate with that VIOS? (SEA is on VLAN ID 999, in my example)
      5. What happens if you fail to specify an IP address on both VIOS?
    2. As stated above, the system will have LPARs on three different VLANs:
      1. Is it absolutely necessary to create separate virtual ethernet adapters for each VLAN with "mkvdev -vlan entX -tagid vlanid"?
      2. Is it instead possible to have all LPAR's virtual ethernet client adapters (across three different VLANs) to connect to a single virtual ethernet server adapter in the VIOS servers (VLAN 99, which no host on the network uses)?  Is this recommended?
    Thanks for anyone who can offer clarity!


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    Posted Tue March 02, 2021 03:22 AM