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Rest API do operation

  • 1.  Rest API do operation

    Posted Wed November 07, 2018 02:08 PM

    Originally posted by: tpeponas



    I try to create LPAR using pypowervm python  library. Creation of the LPAR object is OK,

    To create VFC Mapping pypowervm seems to use operation "GetNextWWPNs" for managedystem but in my case it fail :

    pypowervm.exceptions.HttpError: HTTP error 500 for method GET on path /rest/api/uom/ManagedSystem/a1b17e97-035b-340f-bbbd-92ed1870c7d0/do/GetNextWWPNs


    I check "operation" on managedsystem and i not see  GetNextWWPNs,

    my hmc version : HMCV9


    How generate WWPN using API REST ?






  • 2.  Re: Rest API do operation

    Posted Thu November 15, 2018 11:47 PM

    Originally posted by: Sridevi Joshi

    The API, GET of GetNextWWPNs  is not available from HMC REST API. While creating VFC Mapping, HMC internally queries for WWPN and assign the same.