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286C SRC from a power 6 9406-800

  • 1.  286C SRC from a power 6 9406-800

    Posted Tue February 27, 2024 10:32 AM

    I have an SRC in Function 11 reading 286C3203. As I understand it, after reading the documentation, this points to a processor i/o error. These servers are not my wheelhouse at all, but I've been trying to troubleshoot this 9406-800 that is not displaying anything to the terminals. 

    The server powers on just fine, however, the yellow attention light is also powered. I've rebooted the server several times, reseated the components. 

    Does this usually point to a system board problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    Carlos Castilla

  • 2.  RE: 286C SRC from a power 6 9406-800

    Posted Wed February 28, 2024 05:20 AM



    Unfortunately, you have an IOP Card failure. Try to plug off the machine, and reseat the card. If this doesn't work, try to start in B Manual mode. If this doesn't work, try to boot in D Manual mode with the LIC DVD and try to boot up to restricted DST and test if the IOP is detected.


    If everything fails, call your IBM maintenance CAS because your machine is totally dead. And that model (I asume that is an IBM iSeries 9406-800) is  End Of Life at least 10 years ago, so if you have IBM Hardware maintenance contract active with that machine, maybe you may not have Support because the machine is very old to be maintained from IBM.


    In that case, write down the IOP card part number and if you are lucky, maybe someone will sell it in eBay or similar.


    Un saludo,


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