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    AIX 7.2 auditing question

    Hello All, I have a requirement on AIX 7.2 TL3 SP3 servers to setup auditing so that TTY commands run by ldap users after sudo to any service accounts on the server should be written to audit log. Also, commands run by root user should be written to ...

  • Thank you. this saved me. I was updating my version of curl and when db-6.2.32-2.aix6.1.ppc.rpm was installed those libdb-4 links were removed. luckily the files themselves were still there so I just had to recreate the links. ------------------------------ ...

  • My thoughts from 11 years ago! ------------------------------ CHRIS GIBSON ------------------------------

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  • Celebrating AIX‘ 35th anniversary I am excited to look back at all the innovations and improvements that came with the years. When I started with AIX 3.2.1 on POWER1 I could already anticipate the passion I would develop over the decades. While ...

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  • Introduction: The IBM Power 9 systems include on-chip data compression accelerator, which reduces the processor cycles for data compression and decompression. To exploit this accelerator, an enhanced ‘zlibNX’ library is available in IBM AIX® 7.2 ...

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  • AIX 7.2 OpenSSH is now HW GZIP Enabled!

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  • AIX on IBM RISC machines celebrates its 35th birthday this year! As myself and the AIX community celebrate 35 years of the OS, it was a pleasure taking the time to reflect on the four important innovations of AIX! Please take a moment to view my perspective ...

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  • Technology Overview SMC-R is a new communication protocol solution that is based on sockets over RDMA and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comments (RFC) 7609 publication. SMC-R enables TCP socket applications to transparently ...

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  • AIX 35 Years of Continuing Innovation - Roadmap

    Join Mainline’s Ron Gordon, IBM Power Champion, as he takes us on a virtual roadmap tour of AIX! Topics will include: Support of Emerging Technologies, Hybrid Cloud, and more! Register: Here | Read the blog