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  • Welcome to AIX discussion forum. This is a forum to ask question, share your best practices, exchange information related to AIX. Important information for first time user of this group. The first post in this group needs a moderator ...

  • Try # awk -F':' '{print $1}' /etc/passwd | while read i ; do echo $i ; done ------------------------------ Bernhard Zeller ------------------------------

  • I'm not sure if this is shown as is, but I suspect your redirection is improper. ------------------------------ Bruce ------------------------------

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  • AIX is now 35 years old, I started to work with it in 1993, when AIX was already 7 years old. AIX Version 1 came out in 1986. So I now already worked with this operating system for 28 years! And it is still my favorite OS, maybe you wonder why? Let ...

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  • Live Update NIM Cookbook AIX Live Kernel Updates (Live Update) has been available for AIX 7.2 for several years now and from a customer perspective it is a very good feature. It can help system administrators avoid working after hours to patch their ...

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  • 35 Years of AIX and Beyond 2021 is a key milestone in the history of AIX as we reminisce on how far we’ve come with 35 years of innovation behind us, but more importantly as we look ahead to the future with a new AIX release that will extend ...

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  • Many AIX clients make use of AIX’s built-in LDAP support to manage and authenticate users and feedback shows they like the solution. The AIX LDAP solution includes the LDAP server and the LDAP client, both of which come with the OS without the need for ...

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  • Principles of troubleshooting for Power Systems with AIX Students attend classes for years to study computer programing and design systems, but they usually receive no troubleshooting training. It is expected this skill will be developed with the experience. ...

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  • AIX Community Badge Program!

    Are you passionate about IBM AIX? Do you contribute regularly to the success and vitality of the AIX community (in-person or virtually)? If so, check out the NEW AIX Community Badge Program! The AIX Community Badge Program was created as a foundation to build and bring awareness to our community for AIX. The badge program recognizes community members who contribute regularly to the success and vitality of the AIX community and are passionate about helping peers and AIX users improve their skills and knowledge. There are three badge levels with different criteria available to any non-IBMer. For more information on this exciting new program, including the different badge options, and how to apply, please email Prenessa Lowery (!