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  • Hi, error daemon is running (other issues are logged ok) I'll try a suggested by José to run fsck (although, I can't understand the clock's set back) , if it won't solve the problem. I will open a ticket. Thanks. ------------------------------ ...

  • NTP is configured, and not ntpdate in cron (actually crond is inoperative to eliminate the possibility that a cron job is behind all this) Maybe you are right, and there is a corruption in rootvg, I will reboot to maintenance and run fsck. ------------------------------ ...

  • I am not sure that only var goes read only. I'll try your suggestion about syslog Tnx ------------------------------ Yaacov Fried ------------------------------

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  • IBM Power9 and Power10 servers include a GZIP based hardware accelerator that is supported by AIX 7.2 and 7.3. This article presents how to configure and use the accelerator. AIX uses a clone of the zlib library named zlibNX that transparently uses ...

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    AIX 7.3 Migration

    Overview To upgrade an existing instance of AIX 7.1 or AIX 7.2 to AIX 7.3, it is required to perform an operating system migration. Planning to migrate an AIX systemrequires careful planning. In this article we discuss different scenarios and available ...

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  • Background and Introduction: Starting with AIX® Version 7.2, the AIX operating system provides the AIX live update function. This eliminates the workload downtime that is associated with AIX system restart when fixes to the AIX kernel are deployed. ...

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  • AIX 35 Years of Continuing Innovation - Roadmap

    Join Mainline’s Ron Gordon, IBM Power Champion, as he takes us on a virtual roadmap tour of AIX! Topics will include: Support of Emerging Technologies, Hybrid Cloud, and more! Register: Here | Read the blog