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  • Hello if you consider upgrading a 7063-CR1 from V9R1M910 to V9R2 - prereqs and method are here : - Method to "burn" a USB media is here (using cat command) ...

  • What is the command in Cygwin to create the Bootable USB? ------------------------------ Rick Eggleston ------------------------------

  • Thanks Stephanie, exactly what I was looking for. lssyscfg is hell of a tool, I should have read the man page till the end. Best regards, P. Tanovski ------------------------------ Plamen Tanovski ------------------------------

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  • As IBM introduced the E1080 system, the first in a generation of servers based on the Power10 processor , comes a newer of version HMC enabling management of Power10 Systems. HMC V10 comes with a lot of new features & enhancements which will enable ...

  • Virtual Persistent Memory (PMEM) is an enhancement to the IBM Power Systems advanced virtualization platform (PowerVM) which provides the ability to configure persistent volumes using the existing DRAM (dynamic RAM) technology. This persistent memory ...