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software for AIX, alternative nextcloud or trueNAS
0 2 hours ago by Azimjon Siddikov
Any plans to update the CUPS version available?
3 2 hours ago by Ayappan P
Original post by James Lohman
Local and LDAP users failing: password authentication failed
3 15 hours ago by Joshua Krause
DNF Updating after install
3 20 hours ago by Brian Taylor
Wish for upgrade of PHP8 because of security issues
1 21 hours ago by SANGAMESH MALLAYYA
Original post by Matthias Schreiber
httpd 2.4.59 openssl libs included still vulnerable ?
1 21 hours ago by SANGAMESH MALLAYYA
Original post by Stefano Calisto
Upgrade ClamAV from 102 to 103 on AIX 7.2 -- and yum3 to yum4 -> dnf
4 21 hours ago by SANGAMESH MALLAYYA
Original post by Brendan Walsh
How do I create dnf repositories in a closed environment?
1 yesterday by Mario
Original post by Brendan Walsh
httpd install in AIX 6.1
1 yesterday by RESHMA KUMAR
Original post by HYUN CHUNG SUL
RUST on AIX toolbox
1 3 days ago by C- -T
Original post by Aditya Kamath
Requesting wget2 package
4 6 days ago by Ranjit Ranjan
Original post by Matthew Opoka
How to manually install Perl's CPAN module
4 7 days ago by 孝典 祢津
dnf broke after trying to upgrade
5 8 days ago by Jim Thompson
Enabled Encryption for SMB V3.0.2
1 9 days ago by Ed Stuart
dnf is broken after installing TL2 on AIX 7.3 hosts
4 9 days ago by Erik Ochoa
"libreoffice" package (or other text-to-pdf converter)
3 13 days ago by Erich Wolz
Reboot AIX server with ansible playbook failed
27 15 days ago by De Quan Qu
Original post by Manoj Kumar
AIX 7.3 issue with gcc and python/pip install. Need help with what environmental item I am missing.
6 15 days ago by Demian Phillips
issue with aws cli
5 15 days ago by Priyesh Manwatkar
Original post by Iqbal Singh
RPM Database is broken after updating to AIX 7.3 TL2 SP1
1 15 days ago by Jan Harris
Original post by Gene Kotlyar
sudo package epoch
2 16 days ago by Clifford Weinmann
Sudo Issue.
3 18 days ago by Manikandan Govindarasu
Original post by Sreenath Kambly
Errors during downloading metadata for repository 'AIX_Toolbox'
10 20 days ago by SANGAMESH MALLAYYA
Original post by Akbar Khan
move from AIX ClamAV-0.102.2-1.ppc to AIX 0-103-11 fails
0 21 days ago by Brendan Walsh
toolbox perl: Crypt::SSLeay build fails
10 21 days ago by Pavel Hampl
Original post by C- -T
Safe Method To Remove DNF
1 21 days ago by Ayappan P
Original post by Gil Fuhrer
Python module error in AIX 7.3 19 21 days ago by Ayappan P
Original post by Subba Reddy Reddem
Migrating to python3.9 for AIX Toolbox python3 ecosystem
71 22 days ago by Robert Gordon
SSH / SSL version mismatch
1 22 days ago by Ayappan P
Original post by Francois Van Staden
AIX Toolbox - DNF not running after AIX and Toolbox update
11 23 days ago by Ales Slezak
dnsmasq alternatives 8 24 days ago by Sylvain
Migrating to Python3.9 causes issue with supervisor-4.2.0-2aix.noarch
21 24 days ago by Steve Munday
dnf not working after dnf update.
2 26 days ago by Scott Kramer
Perl 5.38.2 build from SRPM fails
1 26 days ago by Ayappan P
Original post by Volker Demand
Stable DNF Installation fails after last AIX 7.2 rpm security fix ..
8 27 days ago by Stefan Lehmann
mariadb: new version?
1 27 days ago by RESHMA KUMAR
Original post by C- -T
CUPS lpr: Unsupported document-format "application/pdf".
1 29 days ago by Samuel Tan
dnf error on aix 7.2 tl5sp6
1 one month ago by Parth Patel
Original post by Anand Rawool
Ansilbe throws errors: "The conditional check 'nimadm_phases_to_run is regex(\"[^0-9,]\") or nimadm_phases_to_run[-1] == ',''" while run playbook to updating AIX 7.3 Service pack.
4 one month ago by Andrey Klyachkin
Original post by CHARIN KUMJUDPAI
Can't build iozone on AIX 7.3
6 one month ago by Andrew Scott
Original post by Mario Stargard
Upgrading from ioslevel '' to '' 11 one month ago by Nicolas Aubert
ClamAV 1.0 required
15 one month ago by Aditya Kamath
Original post by Hector Speight
nano for AIX IBM 7.2
3 one month ago by Phill Rowbottom
Original post by Hakim
DNF Issue - Could Not Load Modules (AIX 7.2)
3 one month ago by Dan Continisio
Help needed for setup secure DB2 connection with package IBM_DB package
0 one month ago by Mi Wang
K8s on AIX
7 one month ago by José Pina Coelho
Original post by Mate T
AIX 7300-02 installed and "ansible --version" throws errors "/opt/freeware/bin/ansible[2]: /opt/freeware/bin/ansible.orig: not found.".
2 one month ago by CHARIN KUMJUDPAI
dnf and rpm destroyed after updating from AIX to AIX
18 one month ago by Anwar Williams
Original post by Stefan Lehmann
DNF Errors after AIX 7.3 TL01 was updated AIX 7.3 TL02
5 one month ago by Brian Platnick
sudo_ids 1.9.14p3-1 not working with NETGROUPs
6 one month ago by Andrey Klyachkin
Original post by Martin Vrskovy