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  • 1.  libphp module for IBMHTTPServer

    Posted Fri January 14, 2022 10:26 AM
    Hello everyone,
    We are planning to install php, http, and mysql on our AIX server. I downloaded the latest mysql and php from AIX linuxtoolbox and successfully installed them, however, our security team does not like us to use the apache httpd as our web software, they want us to use the IBM HTTPServer instead. I've loaded the libphp module on IBM HTTPServer httpd.conf file, but when I started the IHS, it gave me the unable to load module, i did not capture the error messages, but something about rtld. I googled it and it says it's a compatibility issue. So I tried to compile the PHP using gcc, but having hard time compiling it. I opened a case with IBM and they brought me here to this community. So my question or help that I am trying to seek is: Is there any libphp module available for IBM HTTPServer that I can download and use? If not, can anyone provide me some guidance to successfully compile PHP on AIX 7.2 using gcc8 downloaded from AIX linuxtool box? Thank you very much. I appreciate any information or help that you guys can provide.

    Samuel Tan

  • 2.  RE: libphp module for IBMHTTPServer

    Posted Fri January 14, 2022 10:47 AM
    Hi, Samuel
    I did check, internally, with some IHS folks to see if anyone was aware of such a module. They are not. But, is there a reason the team does not want to install the httpd from AIX Toolbox? I think you would get a lot more functionality, rather than trying to use the IHS as a standalone server.  Since IBM WAS does not support the server for such purposes, it might be a better long term plan to install the httpd. 

    Just a thought :-)

    Jan Harris

  • 3.  RE: libphp module for IBMHTTPServer

    Posted Fri January 14, 2022 12:15 PM
    HI Jan,

    Thanks for responding so quickly. The reason for trying to use IHS is because our security team is insisting to use this instead of apache httpd because they are concern about the security vulnerabilities of apachec httpd. Anyway, i told them about what you just said, and  they finally said yes to use apache httpd :-) . I guess they just need some assurance coming from IBM community.

    Thanks again so much. I really appreciated it.


    Sam Tan