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Graphviz package in AIX_Toolbox

  • 1.  Graphviz package in AIX_Toolbox

    Posted 8 days ago


    Is it planned to provide Graphviz RPM in AIX_Toolbox ?

    Some of our AIX LPARs have Graphviz installed (version from 10 years ago). It was probably installed from this now probably unmaintained yum repo:

     Due to dependancy issues (requirements from Graphviz and so on), I am unable to install yum or dnf in a clean way and perorm a dnf update. Too many issues with dependancies due to the fact there is no newer Graphviz version available

    Graphviz is 'natively' available on RHEL (RHEL8 Appstream repo) and even Solaris. Would be great if we can have it integrated into AIX_Toolbox

    Thank you :)

    Lionel Widmer