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request: php7-zlib

  • 1.  request: php7-zlib

    Posted Mon June 21, 2021 12:59 PM

    I am seeing 'ERROR "Call to undefined function: gzinflate()"' messages in my error_log.

    The googles tell me that my server is missing the standard php compile install of zlib. Here's what I do have:

    # rpm -qa | grep zlib
    # rpm -qa | grep php
    php-pdo-7.4.13-1.ppc (and other sites like it) tell me there are various php7-zlib packages available... but (apparently) not in the AIX Toolbox:

    # yum list | egrep "zlib|php" |sort
    php-cli.ppc 7.4.13-1 AIX_Toolbox
    php-common.ppc 7.4.13-1 @AIX_Toolbox
    php-devel.ppc 7.4.13-1 AIX_Toolbox
    php-fpm.ppc 7.4.13-1 AIX_Toolbox
    php-gd.ppc 7.4.13-1 AIX_Toolbox
    php-mysqlnd.ppc 7.4.13-1 @AIX_Toolbox
    php-pdo.ppc 7.4.13-1 @AIX_Toolbox
    php.ppc 7.4.13-1 @AIX_Toolbox
    zlib-devel.ppc 1.2.11-2 AIX_Toolbox
    zlib.ppc 1.2.11-2 @AIX_Toolbox

    How does one get php zlib functionality from the AIX Toolbox?

    Erich Wolz

  • 2.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Tue June 22, 2021 04:34 AM
    Toolbox php is not compiled with zlib support. 
    We will add the support in next update.

    Ayappan P

  • 3.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Tue June 22, 2021 02:17 PM
    Any idea when that will be?

    Erich Wolz

  • 4.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Fri June 25, 2021 02:53 PM

    @Ayappan P  ​Just wondering when the next update will be, so I can tell my customer (who is asking about progress on PHP zlib availability in AIX Toolbox.




    Erich Wolz

  • 5.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Mon June 28, 2021 10:44 AM
    Mostly it will be uploaded next week.

    Ayappan P

  • 6.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Tue July 06, 2021 10:29 AM
    Edited by Erich Wolz Tue July 06, 2021 10:31 AM

    Do you have any updates that I can share with my customer?  is there a particular package I should be looking for? 

    Here are the packages I currently have installed:

    # rpm -qa | egrep "php|zip|zlib"

    And here are the packages for which updates are currently available (in particular, there are no available updates for php and/or zip and/or zlib):

    # yum check-update
    bash.ppc 5.1.4-1 AIX_Toolbox
    ca-certificates.ppc 2020.06.01-2 AIX_Toolbox
    curl.ppc 7.76.1-1 AIX_Toolbox
    expect.ppc 5.45.4-2 AIX_Toolbox
    info.ppc 6.7-1 AIX_Toolbox
    libtiff.ppc 4.2.0-1 AIX_Toolbox
    openldap.ppc 2.4.58-1 AIX_Toolbox
    readline.ppc 8.1-1 AIX_Toolbox
    sqlite.ppc 3.35.5-1 AIX_Toolbox
    tcl.ppc 8.6.11-1 AIX_Toolbox
    tk.ppc 8.6.11-1 AIX_Toolbox


    Erich Wolz

  • 7.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Thu July 15, 2021 10:39 AM
    We updated php with zlib functionality. The version is 7.4.13-2.
    You can also use yum to update to it.

    The modules are part of php-common package.

    Ayappan P

  • 8.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted Fri July 23, 2021 10:43 AM
    Was on vacation and only saw this yesterday upon my return.   php-common package updated and zlib functionality now working, thanks!

    Erich Wolz

  • 9.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted 30 days ago
    My PHP-based application is now reporting the following:
    - Warning The optional module, exif, is not installed, or has been disabled.
    - Warning The optional module, imagick, is not installed, or has been disabled.
    - Warning The optional module, zip, is not installed, or has been disabled.

    From an earlier message about another (different) missing module, I know that the resolution is to do a "yum install" of the package that supplies the required module -- which will install the required .so file into /opt/freeware/lib/php/modules -- and stop/start Apache.

    From I know that to enable exif support PHP must be configured with --enable-exif but this does not appear to have been done for the current version of php (i.e. I would expect to see an available "php-exif.ppc" package):
    # yum list php*
    Installed Packages
    php.ppc 7.4.13-2 @AIX_Toolbox
    php-common.ppc 7.4.13-2 @AIX_Toolbox
    php-gd.ppc 7.4.13-2 @AIX_Toolbox
    php-mysqlnd.ppc 7.4.13-2 @AIX_Toolbox
    php-pdo.ppc 7.4.13-2 @AIX_Toolbox
    Available Packages
    php-cli.ppc 7.4.13-2 AIX_Toolbox
    php-devel.ppc 7.4.13-2 AIX_Toolbox
    php-fpm.ppc 7.4.13-2 AIX_Toolbox

    From I know that imagick is the PHP ImageMagick extention, but even after installing ImageMagick this extension does not appear to be available:
    # find /opt/freeware -name *magick* -print

    Finally, I'm not sure why I'm getting the message about zip not being installed, because (as noted above) I am running with the level of PHP that provides zlib support.

    Could you please add exif and imagick support to the next update of PHP?  Thanks!

    Erich Wolz

  • 10.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi Erich,

    We will look into these functionality and see if those can be enabled.


  • 11.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted 29 days ago
    Keeping my fingers crossed :-)

    Erich Wolz

  • 12.  RE: request: php7-zlib

    Posted 26 days ago
    zip & zlib are not the same. They are different. Toolbox php don't have zip support. To enable that , it requires libzip which is not yet there in Toolbox. So there is no plan as of now to currently enable it. 
    But we can enable the other two (exif & ImageMagick).

    Ayappan P