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24 days ago

[b33cxnn0p0172:root:/:] wget
exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program wget because of the following errors:
0509-150 Dependent module /usr/lib/libiconv.a( could not be loaded.
0509-152 ...

2 months ago

Hi, iam getting below error after install the curl.

root# curl -v
Could not load program curl:
Could not load module /usr/lib/libcurl.a(
Dependent module /usr/lib/libcrypto.a( ...

2 months ago

bash-4.2$ vncserver :7
Integer overflow in srand at /usr/bin/X11/vncserver line 125.

New 'X' desktop is dcnpoebswb01:7

Starting applications specified in /data1/appluat/.vnc/xstartup
Log ...