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Use SMC-R on AIX to optimize the network of your SAP landscape

By Wera Stoeckel posted Fri December 11, 2020 11:46 AM


Running SAP business requires optimal performance, this requires optimizations in different areas in an SAP landscape. One part of an SAP 3-tier (Database, Application Server and Client) infrastructure is the network.

Starting with AIX Version 7.2 TL 2, the AIX operating system supports the SMC-R communication protocol. Exploiting this technology requires no changes to applications and only minimal configuration effort.


The SAP on IBM AIX development team evaluated the benefits of SMC-R for customers running SAP on AIX.

The results are published in a the IBM White Paper "SMC-R on AIX for SAP - Experience report" .

This White Paper summarizes the results of SAP test scenarios that demonstrate the benefits that SMC-R has for SAP workloads in a distributed SAP environment.
The usage of SMC-R improves network latency, network throughput, and leads to a reduction of CPU usage.


In addition, SMC-R is supported for SAP as documented via SAP Note 2699513 - Recommendation of new AIX Feature SMC-R for SAP on AIX

2019-01-16 by Jutta Land