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35 years of AIX on IBM Power - A review of all innovations and more to come

By Udo Sachs posted Tue August 03, 2021 11:18 PM


Celebrating AIX‘ 35th anniversary I am excited to look back at all the innovations and improvements that came with the years.


When I started with AIX 3.2.1 on POWER1 I could already anticipate the passion I would develop over the decades. While it is so hard to tell what was most important and most innovative, there are things that never change: the commitment to enterprise-ready features, the compelling image backup and recovery (mksysb) or simple things like LVM. AIX stood, stands and will always stand for excellence in enterprise technology serving customers around the globe.


I can’t wait to see AIX 7.3 and POWER10 being released in 2021. And also happy to write more stories in the enterprise space, write them together with you.


I am thrilled to share my video with the community that commits to the same tech initiatives, shares my excitement for computing excellence and just enjoys technology like I do.


I appreciate your feedback and hope to see some of you again in person!