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SAP Web Cast on Feb 10, 2022: Artificial Intelligence for SAP-driven Supply Chain Management

By Stephanie Nickel posted Mon January 17, 2022 06:13 AM


In this SAP@AI event we will explore state of the art innovations around the SAP-driven supply chain management with the focus on artificial intelligence. 

Different use cases in the process domains of inbound and outbound logistics, warehouse material flow, disposition or manufacturing will be discussed. Live demonstrations of some use cases with a SAP system and AI components will also be part of the event.

The event will highlight the business and technical perspective of AI in the SAP environment. Furthermore a link to the current SAP strategy of "keeping the core clean" and implementation of innovations as "side-by-side" extensions are main topics of the discussion.

This event will be streamed from the IBM Innovation Center for SAP Solutions:

Feel free to register today: