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Announcing release of PowerVC

By Sri Ram Pisupati posted Mon December 06, 2021 03:46 AM


We are officially releasing PowerVC, which is bundled with many new enhancements and support features in addition to those that were available in the recent major release PowerVC 2.0.2.

Release highlights

PowerVC contains the following updates:

Direct install or upgrade to

You can now directly install PowerVC unlike earlier releases where you had to first install the major version and then update to the available fix pack version of PowerVC. Similarly, if you have any previous version of PowerVC installed, take a backup, copy the backup file to a custom location, and then uninstall the existing version. Reboot the system and install or upgrade to PowerVC

Backup and restore on multinode

With PowerVC, you can perform restore directly on multinode (three nodes) from PowerVC version 2.0.1 to For details, see Upgrading to PowerVC 2.0.2 or

HMC host scaling with additional Compute plane node

Starting PowerVC version, Compute plane nodes are introduced to share the compute services load and allow managing more HMC managed hosts. For details, see Compute plane node and HMC host scaling.

Multinode on HMC

HMC managed hosts can be added to both single node setup as well as three node setup of PowerVC cluster. This ensures the Nova compute process for the host is configured in an Active-passive mode and monitored by Pacemaker.

Infoblox integration

You can manage the DNS records in Infoblox through PowerVC GUI. For details, see Automatically update DNS records.

Multinode support on SLES ppc64le

Installation is supported on SLES ppc64le for both single node and multinode environments.

Scheduled tasks

If you are assigned to self-service user role, you can schedule virtual machine operations such as start, stop, and restart of VM(s).

Select network order on GUI (RFE ID: 151694)

You can select the network order while deploying a VM on PowerVC GUI.

Compute plane node management API
The Compute plane node APIs allows you to register, view details, update, or deregister a Compute plane node from PowerVC. For details, see Compute plane node.

For further details, visit PowerVC documentation here.


Although a little less exciting than new support, a fix pack needs to have some fixes too. These are the APAR fixes included with this fix pack:

  • IT38283 - Rest API allows to build a flavor with uncapped flagged but no weight.
  • IT38556 - PSIRT ADV0034386 "OpenStack Compute (Nova) noVNC proxy" (CVE-2021-3654)
  • IT38596 - Fix issue with network-cache during deploys.
  • IT38746 - Tuning os-hypervisors detail API Response time.
  • IT38749 - Network counts were incorrect.
  • IT38966 - Tuning users sync and periodic run time.
  • IT39016 - Unable to Onboard virtual machines that are using virtual SCSI(VSCSI)
  • IT39025 - UI login page fails to load when browser language is set to Spanish.
  • IT39059 - Deployed VM from image doesn't have proper hdisk layout.

You can find the fixes here: Fix Central.
For instructions to install the fixes, see Getting fixes from Fix Central.

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