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Announcing the grand GA of PowerVC 2.0.2

By Sri Ram Pisupati posted Fri September 17, 2021 01:01 AM


Hi there! 
Today, we officially announce the major release of 2021 - PowerVC 2.0.2 that comes with many new enhancements and support features.
Let's quickly take a look at them.

    Although a little less exciting than new support, a fix pack needs to have some fixes too. These are the APAR fixes included with this fix pack:
    IT36446 - VM Deploy fails with SR-IOV network.
    IT36614 - Volume_wwn info missing for Purestorage volumes.
    IT36713 - GUI for support of login option for projects from Project page and other fixes.
    IT36759 - VM deployment does not happen as per selected SCG.
    IT36808 - Remove the __DEFAULT__ template.
    IT36970 - Bulk volume attach failure.
    IT37029 - Attach of volume fails due to zoning error.
    IT37039 - Delay in VM Health state becoming active - monitoring.
    IT37189 - vSwitch information for SEA is incorrect.
    IT37247 - RT pool not visible in the storage template for Hitachi.
    IT37330 - Unable to extend Volume size.
    IT37350 - HMC registration fails with pyasn1.error.PyAsn1Error.
    IT37380 - LPM fails with error target host does not have similar ppt ratio.
    IT37509 - Unable to manage VM with SR-IOV interface.
    IT37524 - IPG Page content not loading.
    IT37541 - VM is not coming up after Inactive migration/RR and Support for IBMi Japanese Language Console.
    IT37560 - SCG Ready member Count is not displayed correctly.
    IT37650 - OS-type option support for powervc-image import CLI using OVA.
    IT37656 - Attaching additional VAN ignores given IP address.
    IT37684 - Snapshot fails with error "volume ids list contains one or more duplicate uuids".
    IT37780 - Inactive migration failing with NPIV error.
    IT37816 - Host group page does not reflect updates.
    IT37987 - Incorrect response format in GET os-hypervisors when language_supported is True.
    IT38012 - Login page gets hung at getAllProjectNames API call.
    IT38014 - Image page doesn’t load on upgrading from PowerVC to PowerVC 2.0.1.
    IT38058 - Cellstate failure -QueuePool limit of 600 overflow reached.

    You can find the fixes here: Fix Central.
    For instructions to install the fixes, see Getting fixes from Fix Central.

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