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Announcing PowerVC 2.0.1 release

By Sri Ram Pisupati posted Fri March 19, 2021 01:30 AM


Hi there! 
Today we are officially releasing 2.0.1, which is bundled with many new enhancements and support features in addition to those in the recent major release 2.0.0.

  • Storwize QoS throttling

    PowerVC 2.0.1 allows you to set the IOPS value per GB for Storwize QoS throttling. You can configure these settings in the storage template. For details, see Supported volume type extra-specs.

  • Changes in guest OS support
    • Support for Ubuntu 18.04 guest OS has been added.
    • Support of Red Hat cloud-init with RHEL 8.1, RHEL 8.2, and RHEL 8.3 has been added.

For details, see Guest operating system support.

  • UI Enhancements

    PowerVC 2.0.1 user interface is now equipped with auto-refresh feature for most of the resource list pages. In addition, you can now choose to perform a VM operation directly from the 'Actions' menu on the VM edit page.

Although a little less exciting than new support, a fix pack needs to have some fixes too. These are the APAR fixes included with this fix pack:
IT35277 - Unable to create a deploy template using an SSP backed SCG.
IT35528 - PowerVC restore fails with MySQLdb._exceptions.OperationalError.
IT35568 - Unable to change the SEA of hosts in network.
IT35989 - Cannot update network details when there is no VM but SEA has VLAN.
IT36040 - VM deploy fails as user is unable to create VIF.
IT36056 - Unable to capture an onboarded VM that has IBMi OS.
IT36136 - Cannot update generic storage template copy type.
IT36170 - Unable to add Hitachi storage.

You can find the fixes here: Fix Central.
For instructions to install the fixes, see Getting fixes from Fix Central.

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