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Announcing PowerVC 1.4.4 fix pack release

By Sri Ram Pisupati posted Wed February 10, 2021 12:00 AM


Hi there! Each time we come up with something better, we think of you first. You may have noticed that we actively listen to your requirements and bring you a better version of PowerVC each release. And guess, what we are up to now!

Yes, you guessed it right. Today we’re officially releasing the 1.4.4 fix pack, which contains the following updates:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.3 support

    You can run Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.3 on Power Systems. PowerVC CSI (Container Storage Interface) pluggable driver works with OCP 4.3 and enables dynamic provisioning of storage volumes for containers.

  • Cloud-init version update

    Cloud-init package version has been updated to the latest version namely 19.1 for supported guest OS such as SLES 15, RHEL 8.0, and RHEL 8.1. For details, see Installing and configuring cloud-init on Linux.

  • Infinidat storage support (pluggable)

    You can now register Infinidat storage with PowerVC version 1.4.4 fix pack. Infinidat storage solves the challenges of OpenStack storage at scale: simplicity, efficiency, reliability, and integration. InfiniBox, delivers over 8 petabytes of storage in a pre-integrated standard 42U rack with 100% availability outstanding performance, and great API integration. For details, see Using Infinidat storage with PowerVC blog.

Although a little less exciting than new support, a fix pack needs to have some fixes too. These are the APAR fixes included with this fix pack:
IT31616 — PowerVC 1.4.4 fails to convert VMAX storage from SMI-S to REST API.
IT31682 — PowerVC 1.4.4 environment checker tool reports wrong VIOS min version.
IT32104 — PowerVC is impacted by an XSS vulnerability discovered in noVNC (CVE-2017-18635).
IT32106 — PowerVC is impacted by information leakage from Nova APIs during external exception (CVE-2019-14433).
IT32134 — After upgrading to PowerVC, third party application (IPA) fails to launch.
IT32135 — PowerVC environment checker tool fails to validate SR-IOV adapters.
IT32194 — Unable to delete an onboarded volume.
IT32299 — Capture and deletion of multidisk VM doesn’t delete volumes of PowerMax.

You can find the fixes here: Fix Central.
For instructions to install the fixes, see Getting fixes from Fix Central.

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