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Announcing PowerVC 1.4.3 Fix Pack 1

By Sri Ram Pisupati posted Thu September 19, 2019 09:25 AM

Hi there! We now bring you few more exciting features and fixes in our signature virtualization product - PowerVC. Today we're officially releasing the 1.4.3 fix pack, which contains the following updates:

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Wed February 05, 2020 09:43 AM

[ Install]
name = IBM PowerVC
version =
build = 20180914-1119
oem = no
install-date = 2018-11-23

Due to customer reported while deploy new LPAR got the errors it out of resource such as memory and unable continue deploy new LPAR.

I've found the "image_properties.csv" in column C of "memory_mb" shown:
2230c16c-a6d7-497a-a2f3-2769974d3e73 instance_uuid 0e50c351-b6fb-4912-87c9-b27ca852cd48
2230c16c-a6d7-497a-a2f3-2769974d3e73 memory_mb 4096
b916533c-26ac-4bec-b920-1a823f87d167 memory_mb 4096
cab31888-90ff-406b-9efe-618a12bfc9f1 memory_mb 4096
cc7b5512-9f1c-4fe2-b3f5-406984cf72b1 memory_mb 4096
f2149712-aec7-4b97-8968-3a782f408a43 memory_mb 4096
7ce08857-a854-4d09-9cb9-57285c2b9880 memory_mb 8192
64e27fe0-0b3e-424c-9a3f-87f88cc76516 memory_mb 4096
14a30868-d933-4488-b0a5-6e669c096fc7 memory_mb 4096
c7245699-194f-4a42-bfa1-1f0ef1b983ff memory_mb 4096
e9151abc-9a88-4f47-a027-2d70e4a5f4bd memory_mb 4096
9501be7c-a9f0-4bc6-894a-0a55f7e9add1 memory_mb 10240
833ed7b3-7b57-450e-bcf3-c2f8b28d2698 memory_mb 4096
7bd901e4-6525-4e5d-ba09-a4285558314f memory_mb 4096
106ae563-336a-4579-a29e-42bba4690d0e memory_mb 4096
87efc79a-1228-4222-9223-beeaadc87a10 memory_mb 10240
19ab6302-364c-4739-ac87-118fc583a80b memory_mb 4096
0b7b7d5d-17d4-4565-8f28-5a017b7bb842 memory_mb 2048
ba656cd8-23ca-4857-9b3d-4e63b9afd77a memory_mb 4096
8cf3c6fc-fb7e-4330-9b00-46b165737afd memory_mb 4096
c2ffbf17-3ab0-4382-a6bc-d2638ff23f3c memory_mb 2048
ed8dd22f-f5ba-40d0-bf96-3180eec98f09 memory_mb 5120
30d8431d-2f5a-40a7-9815-abeaab32b031 memory_mb 4096
====================SUM============================== 104030.8 MB

My questions are:
1. Do you know the "memory_mb" value came from Deploy template or Dynamic added while system running?
2. How to force set deploy template to use only "Minimum" when deploy?

Appreciate if you can feedback above questions for our customer.