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Unveiling PowerVC 1.4.0 Fix pack 1!

By Sri Ram Pisupati posted Fri February 23, 2018 03:20 PM


We believe you have been enjoying working with PowerVC 1.4.0. While you were using it, we've been working behind the scenes to make it even better.
So here, we proudly announce the grand unveiling of PowerVC 1.4.0 fix pack 1, the new update to PowerVC that comes with the following features and a couple of fixes to make your life even easier (not mention faster!):

  • POWER9™ - PowerVC now supports POWER9 hardware. This support requires NovaLink

    • powervc-config event - New command that allows you to configure the events that get stored in Panko service.

    • Field issue fixes (APARs) - For more information about any of these APARs, search for the
      APAR number at IBM Support.
      • IT23973 - SSH session/connection leak happens when deploying a VM or creating volumes when storage is SVC.

      • IT23723 - PowerVC failed to create mirror copy when storage is SVC.

      • IT24009 - Error during migration on Novalink.

      • IT24071 - Messages are not working after upgrade to 1.4.0.

    Why wait?! Go ahead and install the PowerVC 1.4.0 fix pack right away! As always, it is available here in Fix Central.
    For full instructions to download and install a fix, see Getting fixes from Fix Central in the PowerVC Knowledge
    Center (which has been updated as well).

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Mon March 05, 2018 03:32 PM

Ok, things are good again. Not sure where the problem was but I had to re-enter my LDAP configuration and restart the PowerVC services. It's staying up now.

Fri March 02, 2018 04:16 PM

I did the update to yesterday and now I keep getting error 500 when I try logging in. Restarting the services lets me in for a few minutes and then it crashes again. You may want to hold off updating.