C/C++ and Fortran

IBM XL C/C++ and Fortran for AIX 16.1 offer new monthly pricing options

By SI YUAN ZHANG posted Fri October 30, 2020 01:39 AM


The accelerating shift to hybrid cloud models by clients worldwide requires IBM offerings to provide greater flexibility, efficiency, and security across the systems clients use every day.

IBM XL C/C++ for AIX 16.1 and XL Fortran for AIX 16.1 now are available with new monthly pricing options to provide more flexibility for cloud-based use cases. It allows the clients to pay for what they need on a term or subscription basis, with Software Subscription and Support included. 

Through the new monthly option, you can build a separate and secure development & test environment on IBM Power Systems Virtual Server, to try XL Compilers’ new functionalities on the latest hardware POWER9 in the Cloud, with an ongoing low-cost approach. You can also start to modernize AIX applications in the Cloud such as using the new C++11/14 language features of XL C/C++ for AIX 16.1, while not disrupting the established build/development environment.

This new monthly option also makes the licensing more flexible for the hybrid cloud model. With the charge unit VPC (virtual process core) adopted, it can be used to license not only cloud environment but also on-premise machines. When the clients move to hybrid such as applying new AIX virtual instances in the cloud or building their own private cloud, it’s much easier to license XL compilers on those virtual servers per the needed capacities.

The new monthly license option can be ordered via Passport Advantage (PA). For more details, please refer to the announcement letter.