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AIX Ansible collection, version 1.7.0 availability

By Shreyansh Chamola posted Fri October 13, 2023 01:34 AM


We are back with a new release (1.7.0) for our AIX collection (power_aix) !

This one has some major additions, which will allow our users to do their day-to-day work even more efficiently. Read the whole blog to know about them.

New Additions:

  • New Role: NIM Master Migration.
  • New module: Physical and Logical volume encryption.
  • New demo playbook: NIM Master migration and PV/LV Encryption.
  • NIM module enhanced to register new client.
  • Included link to Power research program in the galaxy page.
  • Fix for parsing lspv, lsvg header to get LV attribute indexes.
  • Updated dnf bootstrap installer.
  • Fix for minimum space issue to setup dnf/python.
  • dnf setup is enhanced to support proxy servers.
  • Fixed ansible-lint issue in demo_yum_install_DB.yml.
  • Updated flrtvc link in nim_flrtvc module.
  • emgr module is fixed and idempotent now.
  • Fixed user module to support idempotency.
  • alt_disk module has now support for install operations.
  • Fixed utf-8 encoding issue in flrtvc module.
  • Fixed inittab module to modify entry and is idempotent now.
  • Fixed the logic of disk_size_policy in alt_disk module.

These additions were included after a survey with AIX clients. If you have any suggestions that you'd like us to go over, you can use our GitHub repo.
Till now, we have more than 225,000 downloads of the power_aix collection on Ansible Galaxy.

Use these newly added features/enhancements and make your work-life easier and more productive. Happy Automation!

The new collection can be found at the following locations:

Red Hat Automation Hub:

Ansible Galaxy:

GitHub Repo: