Setting up Active directory Server on windows 2016 with AIX LDAP client for Authentication

By SHAILAJA MALLYA posted Fri October 16, 2020 10:00 AM


Many of us have used AIX LDAP clients with AIX LDAP servers. But is it possible to have AIX LDAP clients with a Windows Active Directory [AD] as its LDAP Server?. Yes it is!

AIX is compliant to RFC 2307, which explains how to use LDAP as a NIS (Network information Service). We can set RFC 2307 attributes on Windows AD Server as well, and thus have AIX LDAP client users be authenticated by the AD Server.

I refer to the attached document when I want to configure AIX LDAP clients with Windows AD server. The document explains how to set/edit RFC 2307 attributes on AD server running on Windows 2016, and also how to configure the AIX LDAP clients to use this AD server as its LDAP server.

The document has a step-by-step approach with snapshots to guide the reader at each step:

Have fun configuring!