PowerSC TNC Overview

By SHAILAJA MALLYA posted Fri October 16, 2020 09:56 AM


Security and compliance are vital to all businesses. IBM PowerSC (Power is Security & Compliance) provides a security and Compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on Power Systems servers, running Power VM and AIX.

PowerSC Trusted Network Connect (TNC) and Patch Management (TNC-PM) ensures that patch level policies are adhered to in all TNC Clients(end points), such that all TNC Clients on a network conform to a particular AIX Technology and Patch Level. PowerSC TNC also provides notifications of non-compliance when systems do not adhere to the required level or when back-level systems are activated, thus reducing easy targets.

TNC in PowerSC

TNC is an architecture for Network Access Control and also for Security Automation promoted by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

The video demons are about AIX implementation of PowerSC TNC. It is to be used as a starting point for understanding the basic working of PowerSC TNC.

This Demo* is divided into 7 sessions addressing major components of PowerSC TNC,  their configurations and their interactions.


TNC_DEMO_PART1: Introduction to TNC architecture and AIX implementation of PowerSC TNC.
Part1 also explains the Demo setup that is used in the subsequent videos.

TNC_DEMO_PART2: Shows how to configure the AIX Trusted Network Connect Patch Management (TNC-PM).

TNC_DEMO_PART3: Shows how to configure the PowerSC TNC Server  & TNC Client  on AIX and the IPreferer on VIOS.

TNC_DEMO_PART4:  Shows how to create and manage the PowerSC TNC Server Policies. These policies are used for compliance verification of the TNC Clients.

TNC_DEMO_PART5: Shows the usage of TNC Server policies created in Part 4 to verify the TNC Clients.

TNC_DEMO_PART6:  Shows how to update the TNC Clients and shows the IPreferer capabilities of detecting a new TNC client. The IPreferer feature is very useful as it notifies the admin when an old on-compliant client in the system comes online.


TNC_DEMO_PART7: This video touches upon some basic trouble shooting when you see a failure in the TNC Server history log. It also ends with some important points regarding AIX TNC and its configuration.

*Note: This demo was done for powersc113. But is a good starting point to understand the basics.