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Simplify and accelerate your private cloud journey

By ROSS PERRY posted Tue February 23, 2021 09:50 AM

We hear lots about the journey to "the cloud" these days. There are countless studies and reports detailing the advantages and disadvantages of various cloud options. One thing most of these studies seem to agree on is that there is definitely a shift back to on-premises private clouds and/or a mix of on-premises private cloud and off-premises public cloud, which is commonly referred to as hybrid cloud. The main reasons people are making these changes are the need to lower costs, improve security and regain control of their IT environments.

Determining the right cloud solution can be an intimidating road to start down. For many, just knowing where to start is the first hurdle. A certain level of technical expertise is required to design a solution that not only meets todays needs but also is flexible and scalable to adapt to future requirements.

IBM Power Systems recently announced the new IBM Power Systems Private Cloud Rack Solution, a pre-configured system with compute, storage, networking and pre-installed software to match an organization's existing infrastructure, be it based around Linux, IBM i, or AIX, to help organizations operationalize their cloud management and provide an IaaS environment to help clients accelerate development and simplify operations for Kubernetes container-based cloud-native applications with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

IBM's IT Infrastructure subject matter experts (SME's) and engineers, who have helped thousands of clients with their cloud solution designs, created an optimal design (hardware + software) to help customers get started with their on-premises private cloud. So, what's included in the solution?

• Three IBM Power System S922 servers
• NEW! IBM FlashSystem 5200 storage
• LAN & SAN Switches
• Hardware Management Console (HMC)
• IBM Enterprise Slim Rack

Cloud & Virtualization Software:
• Red Hat OpenShift 4.6
• IBM PowerVC
• IBM Spectrum Scale Data Access Edition
• IBM Spectrum Scale Data Management Edition
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8
• IBM PowerVM Enterprise

IBM Lab Services:
• Pre-installation of the hardware stack, pre-loading the software stack and pre-installation workshop with the customer

Many clients are challenged to find and retain people with the technical skills required to build and maintain cloud environments. In most cases, they turn to trusted business partners to help them identify and implement the right solution. The IBM Power Systems Private Cloud Rack Solution was developed in part to better enable our Business Partners to help simplify and accelerate their cloud design processes to better serve their customers.

"We have been building expertise on IBM Power Systems for over 28 years to provide best in class solutions to our clients, and with this IBM announcement around new hybrid cloud capabilities and more specifically with the new IBM Power Systems Private Cloud Rack, we see that this new technology meets today's client needs providing simple, efficient and fast deployments of on-premises private cloud environments. It's also the ability to integrate existing AIX and IBM i workloads with new cloud-native applications using Red Hat OpenShift that makes this technology even more compelling. We're confident that our clients will leverage this new technology". Phil Godwin, President & COO, Clear Technologies

So, where are you on your journey to cloud? If you have been struggling with how to get started, then the IBM Power Systems Private Cloud Rack Solution may be just what you need to get you up and running sooner rather than later. Contact your IBM seller or Business Partner to discuss how this option would look in your IT environment.

To learn more about all the exciting new ways IBM Power Systems is helping our customers modernize their hybrid cloud infrastructure, please see the February 23rd announcement blog.

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Ross Perry
Senior Product Marketing Manager, IBM Power Systems