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IBM Champions in Action: José Luis Ortega Diazgranados

By Prenessa Lowery posted Tue May 18, 2021 09:00 AM


Get to know IBM Champion, José Luis Ortega Diazgranados!

José Luis Ortega Diazgranados is a general manager for Advantek and has been a proud IBM Champion for Power Systems since 2019. For over 15 years, José has been an expert in IBM Power Systems focusing on AIX, Linux, and IBM databases: Db2, Informix and other middleware technologies like WAS. Throughout this time, he has held numerous technical positions focusing on systems management and technical support for the technologies. Today, José is focusing on Cloud solutions at Advantek.

mFRB8CQPToiiAOV8GFd1_temp.pngMost proud of for 2021
Outside of being the General Manager for Advantek, I have been involved in higher education activities. As an adjunct professor of enterprise computing, my goal is to help my students understand why enterprise computing is imperative to large companies around the globe. My advocacy is highly rewarding as majority of my students have minimal knowledge of IBM Power Systems and Mainframes. I look forward to providing more students the knowledge and details of how unique IBM Power Systems are in this specific field. Lastly, as I further my student’s education, I am continuing mines as a member of the test writing team for the new IBM AIX certification.


IBM Champion advocacy

In addition to my passion for teaching, I enjoy sharing knowledge at the IBM TechU Conferences in U.S.A. It is always amazing connecting with those who share the same passion for technology as I do. In the past, I have had sessions about SAN Performance problems and monitoring. Taking the time to explain how to deal with expectations problems, identify technical problems we face with the storage systems from the IBM Power System or AIX standpoint. In addition to TechU, I enjoy publishing articles related to IBM Power Systems in the former IBM System Magazine (now, TechChannel) and the IBM Community.

Best thing about being an IBM Champion

It’s an opportunity to broaden your scope of influence and help the technical community, including exclusive access to the respective technology. In Colombia, I’m the only Power Champion, and one good thing to see is to find the Colombian companies face the same technological challenges as other companies around the globe. I think the technology is democratized because of globalization and the companies need the best technology to stay competitive. It is always rewarding to discover that IBM Power Systems is supporting large companies Worldwide are the same Power Systems supporting mission-critical systems for diverse institutions here in Colombia!

Connect with José

Thank you to José for sharing about yourself, your experiences in IT, and insights as an IBM Champion. If you’re interested in connecting with José, please reach out to him via LinkedIn here on the Community as @Jose luis Ortega.

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Wed December 29, 2021 04:57 PM

Hi teacher.

Thank you for teaching me the operating system class.




Mon November 22, 2021 04:26 PM

Love seeing that you mention continuing to learn and grow in your own career as you work to teach your students. I am sure that spirit comes through in your teaching, and that your students appreciate it.

Thu May 20, 2021 08:15 PM

Hi guys, thank you for your very nice comments!

Tue May 18, 2021 12:02 PM

Cool! Latinos in Action! It's great to see new faces in the IBM Power Systems Community and creating bridges to build the new generation of IT professionals. Supporting students in the IT arena is outstanding!
Greetings from Austin-Texas.

Tue May 18, 2021 10:31 AM

Felicitaciones amigo !
Es un honor para los latinos que tengas este prestigio y reconocimiento.
Te mando un abrazo muy grande desde Argentina !.

Congratulations my friend!
It is an honor for Latinos that you have this prestige and recognition.
I send you a big hug from Argentina.