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FW1040 Information

By Pete Heyrman posted Mon June 12, 2023 12:59 PM


Traditionally new releases of server firmware for POWER systems provides new enhancements for existing models of POWER system and updates to a major release are provided through service packs for several years.  The introduction of FW1040 is a break in this traditional server firmware release process as follows:

-        FW1040 provides support for NED24 NVMe Expansion Drawer (Feature Code #ESR0) storage expansion enclosure with twenty-four U.2 NVMe bays.

-        In the past, a new firmware release is supported through service packs for several years.  FW1040 is a limited, interim release and only a single service pack is planned for FW1040.  Because there is only a single planned service pack, customers will need to disruptively update to the next major release, when available, to continue to receive service pack updates.

-        This firmware does not contain the support for features that were recently introduced in FW1030.20 which includes:

o   PCIe3 12 Gb x8 SAS Tape HBA adapter(#EJ2B/#EJ2C)

o   PCIe4 32 Gb 4-port optical FC adapter (#EN2L/#EN2M)

o   PCIe4 64 Gb 2-port optical FC adapter (#EN2N/#EN2P)

o   Mixed DDIMM support for the Power E1050 server (#EMCM)

o   100 V power supplies support for the Power S1022s server (#EB3R)

If you purchase a new system from IBM that includes the NED24 NVMe Expansion Drawer on the order, IBM manufacturing will automatically install FW1040.  If the order does NOT include NED24, IBM manufacturing will install the latest FW1030 image on the server.

If you are planning to upgrade to FW1040, it is recommended that you review the following information:

-        FW1040 Release notes for models S1014, S1022, S1022S, S1024, L1022, L1024 servers

-        FW1040 Release notes for model E1050

-        FW1040 Release notes for model E1080

-        POWER8, POWER9 and Power10 System Firmware Release Schedule

-        NED24 NVMe Expansion Drawer Feature Limitations


In the past, the practice for many has been to update to the latest release level of server firmware to ensure they are staying current on enhancements and fixes.  The support for FW1040 changes this behavior so for many it may be better to skip updating to FW1040 and wait for the next major firmware release. 

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